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What is Crypto Staking? Earn Passive Income in Decentralized Finance

Staking crypto is a popular method to earn passive income from your crypto holdings. Staking cryptocurrency entails locking up your digital assets in a smart contract or a wallet that supports staking and receiving rewards in return. Staking is similar to depositing money in bank account and earning interest except that it employ crypto instead of fiat currency. But what is crypto staking and how does it work? In this blog post we will explain the fundamental of staking, the advantages and risks involved and some of the best platform to stake your crypto.

What is Crypto Staking?

Crypto staking is based on the concept of proof of stake (POS) an alternative consensus mechanism to proof of work (POW) utilized by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. PoW requires miners to utilize computational power to solve intricate mathematical problems and validate transactions on the blockchain. Conversely, PoS necessitate validators to stake their own coins as collateral and actively participate in network governance. Validators are randomly chosen to create new blocks and receive rewards for their service.

The key advantages of PoS over PoW are –

  • It is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly since it does not demand substantial electricity consumption for running mining rigs.
  • It is more secure and decentralized, mitigating the risk of 51% attack where a single entity gains control over the majority of the network hashing power and manipulates transactions.
  • It is more scalable and faster, enabling higher transaction throughput and faster confirmation times.

The primary disadvantages of PoS are –

  • It may be less accessible and inclusive as it requires users to possess a minimum coin amount to participate in staking and network activities.
  • It may be more intricate and technical involving various staking method like delegated proof of stake (DPoS), liquid proof of stake (LPoS) or bonded proof of stake (BPoS) each with its own set of rules and parameters.
  • It may be more volatile and risky exposing users to market fluctuations of their staked coins and the potential loss of rewards or even their principal if they engage in malicious behavior or violate network regulations.

How to Earn Passive Income with Crypto Staking?

Crypto staking can be performed in different ways, depending on the chosen platform and protocol. Some common methods include –

What is Crypto Staking Earn Passive Income in Decentralized Finance edited

Staking directly on the blockchain – This requires running full node or validator node on your device and staking your coins directly on the blockchain. This necessitates a high level of technical expertise and responsibility since you are responsible for maintaining the node online presence and security. Additionally a significant coin amount is often required for staking due to high minimum thresholds on some networks. Ethereum 2.0, Cardano, Polkadot and Solana are platforms supporting direct staking.

Staking via third-party service – This involves utilizing a platform or provider that offers staking services for various cryptocurrencies. It offers convenience and user-friendliness, eliminating the need to run your own node or handle technical concerns. Additionally it allows staking with smaller coin amounts, sometimes as low as $10. However, entrusting your coins to the platform and paying fees for their service are prerequisites. Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc. are examples of platforms offering staking services.

Staking via decentralized application (DApp) – This entails using a DApp operating on a blockchain that enables staking your coins in a smart contract. This option provides flexibility and innovation, granting access to diverse features and opportunities unavailable on traditional platforms. For instance, staking in a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange (DEX) and earning fees or lending your coins to other users on a lending platform and earning interest. Pancakeswap, Uniswap, Aave, Compound are examples of DApps supporting staking.

Choosing Best Platform for Crypto Staking

Selecting a suitable staking platform requires consideration of your needs and preferences. Some factors to evaluate include –

  • The coin – Choose a coin with growth potential and a belief in its future prospects. Assess the staking mechanism including reward rates, minimum amounts, lock-up periods and inflation rates.
  • The platform – Opt for a reliable and trustworthy platform offering a pleasant user experience and robust customer support. Examine factors like fees, security measures, transparency and availability.
  • The DApp – Select an innovative and appealing DApp offering unique value propositions and competitive advantages. Assess the functionality of the smart contract code, audit reports and user reviews.

Benefits of Staking Cryptocurrency

Crypto Staking offers several benefits including –


Passive income generation – By staking your coins, you can receive regular rewards in the form of new coins or fees from the network or platform. Reward rates vary based on the coin, platform and market condition ranging from 5% to 100% per year or even more.

Network support – Staking your coins contributes to network security, stability and active participation in governance. You assist in validating transactions, creating new blocks and voting on proposals shaping the network’s development and future.

Increased exposure – Staking your coins amplifies your exposure to the cryptocurrency market, allowing you to benefit from its growth and adoption. Diversifying your portfolio and accessing emerging opportunities and innovations within the crypto space is also feasible.

Risks of Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking crypto carries certain risks such as –

Loss of rewards – Technical issues, bugs, hacks or downtime in the network or platform may result in the non-receipt or complete loss of rewards. Additionally engaging in malicious actions or violating network rules like double-spending, transaction censorship or prolonged offline activity can lead to reward loss.

Loss of principal – Significant drops in the price of your staked coin may result in partial or complete loss of your principal. Compromises or hacks of the platform or DApp leading to theft or freezing of your coins can also result in principal loss. Losing access to your coins due to misplaced private keys or passwords or the platform or DApp shutting down or becoming inaccessible may further contribute to principal loss.

Coin lockup – Staking coins may restrict their withdrawal or usage for other purposes until the staking period concludes or the lock-up period expires. This limitation on liquidity and flexibility may prevent you from capitalizing on alternative opportunities or market movements.

Staking cryptocurrency is an excellent method for generating passive income from your digital asset holdings while contributing to network development. Nevertheless, it entails risks and challenges that require awareness and preparation. Prior to engaging in crypto staking, conduct thorough research, exercise due diligence, and select a platform aligned with your goals and expectations.

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