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Exploring the Decentraland Metaverse – MANA Token and NFTs

If you have an interest in virtual reality, blockchain technology and digital art you may have come across Decentraland MANA, a decentralized metaverse where you can create, explore and trade in a 3D world. But what exactly is Decentraland MANA and how can you join the excitement? In this blog post we will explain the basics of Decentraland MANA, its features and benefits and how you can get started with your own avatar and land.

What is Decentraland Metaverse and MANA Token?

Decentraland MANA serves as a virtual world empowered by the Ethereum blockchain, allowing users to create, own and monetize their own content and experiences. Unlike other VR platforms, Decentraland MANA is not governed by a central authority or company, but rather by its community of users who vote on the rules and governance of the metaverse. This means that users possess complete ownership and control over their digital assets and identity and can benefit from the value they generate in the metaverse.

Decentraland MANA comprises several components –

The LAND – This serves as the fundamental unit of space in Decentraland MANA, providing users with the ability to construct and host their content. Each LAND represents a 10×10 meter parcel of virtual land recorded on the blockchain as a non-fungible token (NFT). Users can acquire, trade, and sell LANDS on the Decentraland Marketplace or other NFT platforms. Users can also combine adjacent LANDS to form larger estates.
The MANA – This functions as the native cryptocurrency of Decentraland MANA, enabling users to purchase PLOTS and other digital goods and services within the metaverse. MANA operates as an ERC-20 token that can be traded on various crypto exchanges. Users can also earn MANA by producing and selling content, hosting events, offering services, or participating in the Decentraland DAO (see below).


The Decentraland DAO – This represents the decentralized autonomous organization that governs Decentraland MANA. The DAO functions as a smart contract that holds all the PLOTS and MANA tokens, facilitating users to propose and vote on changes within the metaverse. Users who stake MANA tokens can engage with the DAO and influence the future of Decentraland MANA.
The SDK – This encompasses the software development kit enabling users to create and deploy their content on Decentraland MANA. The SDK utilizes TypeScript and A-Frame, providing tools and libraries for building 3D scenes, animations, sounds and interactions. Users can also leverage third party tools and frameworks to craft their content.

Why You Should Explore the Decentraland MANA Metaverse

Decentraland MANA represents distinctive opportunity to immerse yourself in a virtual world where you can express your creativity, connect with others and explore new possibilities. Here are some reasons why you should consider exploring the Decentraland MANA metaverse –

Unleash your imagination – Whether you are an artist, developer or gamer Decentraland MANA offers you a platform to create your content and experiences. You can build anything from art galleries, museums, casinos, games, concerts, festivals and educational spaces. Collaboration with other creators and showcasing your work to a global audience is also possible.
Own your digital assets – Unlike other VR platforms where you are restricted by the terms and conditions of the service provider, in Decentraland MANA, you have complete ownership and control over your digital assets. You can buy, sell, and trade your PLOTS, MANA, and other NFTs on the open market without intermediaries or fees. Your assets can also serve as collateral for loans or as stakes for governance.
Monetize your content – Within Decentraland MANA, you can generate income from your content and activities. You can charge fees for access or services, sell tickets or merchandise, accept donations or tips, or generate passive income from advertising or sponsorship. Participation in contests, grants, or bounties to win prizes or funding for your projects is also an option.
Socialize and have fun – In Decentraland MANA, you can interact with people from diverse backgrounds and interests. Using your avatar you can engage in chat, voice calls or video calls with other users. You can join or host events such as parties, concerts, games, workshops or conferences. Exploring different scenes and worlds created by other users or curated by Decentraland is another way to enjoy the metaverse.

How to Get Started with Decentraland MANA

If you are ready to dive into the Decentraland MANA metaverse follow these steps to get started –


Create an account – To access Decentraland you need to register an account via email or social media login. You will also need to connect a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, Fortmatic, or Bitski to store and manage your MANA and other tokens. Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet on your mobile device can also serve as options.
Personalize your avatar – After registration you can create and customize avatar with different outfit, accessories and hairstyle. You can also buy or sell avatar wearables on the Decentraland Marketplace or other NFT platforms. You have the flexibility to change your avatar whenever you desire.
Explore the metaverse – To explore Decentraland MANA, you can utilize your browser or download the Decentraland app for desktop or mobile. For more immersive experience, you can employ a VR headset like Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. Navigation within the metaverse can be achieved through the map, chat, menu, or teleportation feature. You can also utilize guest mode for exploration without an account.
Create your content – To craft your content on Decentraland MANA, you need to own some LANDS or rent space from other users. Utilizing the SDK, you can build and deploy scenes on your LANDS. For those without coding knowledge, a drag-and-drop tool called the Builder is available for scene creation. Third party tool and framework such as blender, unity or unreal engine can also be utilized for content creation.

Decentraland MANA represents a decentralized metaverse where you can create, explore and trade within a 3D world. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain and governed by its user community it provides a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity, own your digital assets, monetize your content and socialize with others. If you have an interest in virtual reality, blockchain technology and digital art be sure to explore Decentraland MANA and join the excitement.

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