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5 AI Crypto Coins – Artificial Intelligence Crypto AI Tokens

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the realms of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. AI cryptocurrency coins are tokens that leverage AI capabilities to enhance functionality, security and efficiency. Today we will delve into AI tokens crypto that harness the power of artificial intelligence and blockchain to develop innovative solutions for wide array of challenges and issue. This article will introduce 5 AI crypto coins that demand attention in 2023.

Artificial Intelligence Crypto – AI Crypto Coins

Blockchain and AI are two technologies that can complement and synergize with each other. For instance AI has the potential to optimize blockchain performance, enhance security and improve scalability. On the other hand blockchain offers transparency, trust and data integrity to AI applications. Additionally the combination of blockchain and AI opens up new avenues for value creation and exchange including tokenization, smart contract and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Let’s discuss some top ai crypto coin by marketcap include RNDR, AGIX, FET, OCEAN and TRAC.

1. Render (RNDR)

Render is a platform that enables individual to access cost effective and time efficient 3D rendering services of superior quality compared to traditional approach. This is accomplished by harnessing the potential of blockchain and peer to peer network to connect users requiring rendering assistance with possessing idle GPU resources. As a result rendering tasks are distributed and concurrently processed leading to expedited and more affordable outcomes.

Token NameRender
Total Supply531,024,271
Market Cap$721,854,651
MarketsBinance and Coinbase

Render RNDR accommodate diverse category of 3D content including animation, games, VR/AR and NFTs. Additionally it seamlessly integrates with widely used 3D software like Blender, Maya and Unreal engine. Users have the ability to upload 3D scenes onto the Render platform. User can also select preferred quality, resolution, specification and make payment using the RNDR token, a cryptocurrency employed for incentivizing GPU provider and ensuring network security.

2. SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET serves as a decentralized platform that empower individual to generate, share and monetize services pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI). Its primary objective revolves around democratizing AI accessibility and cultivating global network of intelligent agent capable of collaborating and mutually enhancing the knowledge.


A key highlight of SingularityNET is its native token AGIX which serves as the medium of exchange for AI service, incentivizes contributor and facilitates network governance. AGIX design ensures the alignment of incentives among all stakeholders and guarantees an equitable transparent distribution of value.

Token NameSingularityNET
Total Supply2,000,000,000
Market Cap$282,073,943
MarketsBinance and Gate.io

The operational framework of SingularityNET AGIX revolves around establishing connections between AI service provider and consumer through decentralized marketplace. Within this marketplace individual can freely offer AI services and engage in transaction involving AGIX tokens. Furthermore the marketplace incorporates mechanism to uphold the quality and reputation of AI service through the utilization of rating and reviews.

3. Fetch AI (FET)

Fetch AI is a project with the goal of establishing decentralized network comprising self governing entities capable of communicating, cooperating and acquiring knowledge collectively. These entities have the ability to represent various forms including data, service and device. Individual can engage with both the physical and digital realms by utilizing smart contract and machine learning technique.

Token NameFetch.ai
Total Supply1,152,997,575
Market Cap$227,878,296
MarketBinance, Coinbase and Kucoin

FET serves as the native token within the Fetch ai network which operates on the foundation of the Cosmos blockchain. This token serves multiple purposes such as fueling the network, facilitating transactional activities, incentivizing validators staker and motivating the creation and involvement of self-governing entities.

  • Crafting and deploying self-governing entities.
  • Accessing and providing data and service.
  • Engaging in staking and governance.
  • Facilitating cross-chain interoperability.

4. Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that empower individual to securely and confidentially share and monetize data. It establishes connection between data provider and consumer through network of accessible marketplace where data discovery, pricing and trading are facilitated using OCEAN tokens.

Token NameOcean Protocol
Total Supply1,410,000,000
Market Cap$170,985,233
Artificial intelligence crypto coins AI coins cryptocurrency tokens edited

The objective of ocean protocol is to establish more equitable and efficient data economy where data owner retain control over data and derive value from it while data users gain access to high-quality and relevant data for specific requirement. Additionally ocean protocol supports the advancement of data service and application that harness the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the wealth of data accessible within the network.

5. OriginTrail (TRAC)

OriginTrail is a decentralized protocol that facilitates the sharing and authentication of data across numerous blockchain and traditional system. Its objective is to establish universal, cooperative and reliable network of knowledge known as the decentralized knowledge graph (DKG). A fundamental component of origintrail is the TRAC token which serves as a utility and incentive mechanism for participant within the network. The TRAC token serves two primary purposes –

Token NameOriginTrail
Total Supply500,000,000
Market Cap$91,552,390
MarketsCoinbase and Kucoin
  • It functions as a means of payment for data exchange and verification services on the Origintrail network. Data creator such as participants in the supply chain or IoT device can publish data on the DKG and establish TRAC token price for accessing or verifying it. Data consumer such as businesses or researcher can utilize TRAC tokens to remunerate for accessing or verifying the required data.
  • It is used for staking in node operation and governance on the Origin Trail network. Node operator who provide computational and storage resources for the DKG are required to stake specific amount of TRAC tokens to join the network and receive reward. Node operators also possess voting rights on network governance propositions such as protocol enhancement or parameter adjustment.


In this blog post we have explained 5 Crypto AI tokens that are harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain to develop innovative solutions for diverse issue and obstacle. These include Render, Singularitynet, Fetch.ai, Ocean protocol and Origintrail. Each of these initiatives possesses distinctive vision and strategy to merge AI and blockchain in various domains such as decentralized computing, data exchange, machine learning, predict market and digital workforce. We are confident that these AI crypto tokens hold tremendous potential to shape the future of the cryptocurrency realm and extend beyond.


What is an AI token?

An AI token is a form of cryptocurrency that is supported by artificial intelligence technology. The purpose of AI tokens is to offer various advantages including fast transaction, reduced fees, enhanced security and improved scalability.

Is AI crypto a good investment?

Investing in AI crypto involves substantial risk and uncertainties as it is speculative and volatile investment. AI crypto operates outside the regulation of central authorities and susceptible to hacking, fraud, theft and technical issues. Additionally AI crypto is influenced by market dynamics supply and demand as well as advancement in AI technology. Consequently it is crucial for investor to conduct thorough research and due diligence prior to investing in AI Token crypto.

What are the examples of AI tokens?

Several examples of AI tokens that we also discussed in this article include Render, Singularity NET, Fetch AI, Ocean Protocol and Origin Trail. These tokens are specifically designed to facilitate various aspects of AI development and deployment such as data sharing, computation, governance and collaboration.

Where can I buy AI crypto coins?

AI crypto coins can be purchased through diverse platform including exchanges, Crypto wallets or decentralized applications DApps. Prominent platform that supports AI crypto coins include binance, coinbase, kucoin, metamask and Uniswap. However it is important for users to compare different platform based on the features, fees, availability and security measures to select the one that best suits their requirement and preference.

Which AI coin is best?

Determining the best AI coin is subjective and dependent on various factors such as the coin’s goal, features, functionality, performance and potential. Additionally the value and ranking of AI coins may change over time due to market sentiment, competition, innovation, regulation and adoption. Therefore user should evaluate and compare different artificial intelligence crypto coins based on individual criteria and expectation.

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